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[map id="map2" z="14" style="full" address="Miami" marker="yes" infowindow="Hello World"]

Customization Options / Features

  • Unlimited Maps on one page possible
  • Use nearly all Features of the Google Maps API
  • w – width in pixels
  • h – height in pixels
  • z – zoom level number between 0-20 (higher number, more zoomed in)
  • id – unique map id (ex. map1, map2 – if you use multiple maps on one page)
  • maptype – desired map type (case sensitive) – SATELLITE, HYBRID, TERRAIN
  • scrollwheel – Scroll wheel zooming – true / false
  • scale – Map scale bar – true / false
  • hidecontrols – Hide map controls – true / false
  • lat – latitude coordinate (between -90 and 90)
  • long – longitude coordinate (between -180 and 180)
  • address – Valid address string (New York, USA)
  • marker – yes / no
  • markerimage – url of image file
  • infowindow – text content to add to the infowindow
  • infowindowdefault – Choose to have the infowindow show or not show automatically when the page loads – yes / no
  • kml – Adding a KML URL will override any address or lat/lon parameters. By default, it will also auto-center and zoom to the extent of the KML, therefore, overriding any zoom level settings.
  • fusion – your fusion table id
  • traffic – yes / no
  • bike – yes / no
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  • Sovellus, jonka avulla luot helposti ja nopeasti suuriakin käyttäjämääriä tukevan hakemistoportaalin.
  • Täyden palvelun ratkaisu: me hoidamme ylläpidon, sinä voit keskittyä käyttämään sovellusta!
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  • A software that allows you to create an online portal for even large user groups in a simple way.
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